DECIDER.COM – Where was Netflix’s ‘Love in the Villa’ filmed?

Where was Netflix’s ‘Love in the Villa’ filmed? Discover the Italy filming locations

That was filmed at Yard Restaurant, and, as Tom Hopper fondly recalled in the press notes interview, the cast was provided the first-rate meal from the restaurant for free. “I think the most memorable thing about this scene was the Michelin-star food we were getting to eat for it, provided by the restaurant The Yard, that we were shooting in. The chefs provided us with endless dishes for the scene, and would also be sending us things to try on top. I was a happy man. Over the two nights of shooting, I think I ate more than 15 eggplant parmigiana!” There you have it. If you’re planning an Italy vacation for next summer, don’t hesitate to add Verona to your destination list.